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When was the last time you went to a carrier product meeting?

They spent half your day going over all the features and benefits of their latest and greatest new insurance product.  They might have given you some brief ad slick and spent two minutes talking about how to get in front of pre-qualified prospects to share your new product knowledge...

Then they patted you on the back and said, "Go Get'em Tiger!"

Great...Now What?

You hit the street running and find
Three Top Challenges
facing you as an Insurance Professional:

1. Getting pre-qualified prospects who want to listen to what you have to offer.
2. Closing a higher percentage of those prospects.
3. Make more money!


Overcome those challenges...use HSA Success!

It's Time You Became A
Top Health Producer!

HSA Success Starts Where Your Insurance Carriers Leave Off Giving You What You Want & Need to
Attract and Close More Clients!


What is HSA Success?

HSA Success is a series of marketing pieces, reports, PowerPoint presentations, scripts and letters that allows you to market, advertise, present, follow-up and close to groups and individuals interested in your health insurance products.


"Thank you for this great system!"

I was struggling to get a constant stream of leads to talk to on a daily basis so I just recently bought the HSA success marketing system. I did my first presentation after sending out 10 flyers. I got one real estate agency to let me come show the presentation developed by HSA Success.

From that presentation there was 20 realtors there. 12 requested quotes, So far I have put 2 on the books and I have not even done all of the quotes to the realtors yet. Thank you for this great system. I would recommend to any agent who is looking to put more health apps on their books.

Thanks...Marc Hart, California

The Most Powerful Health Insurance Marketing and Selling Tools
Anywhere In The Industry Found Only in HSA Success. 

Here's what you get:       Have You Seen The Video Yet?   Click Here!

Professionally designed, personalized, consumer "hot button" direct mail pieces designed to interrupt your prospects and get their attention.
Five powerful PowerPoint presentations focused towards four hot target markets. Helps you teach prospects what they need to know about consumer driven health care.
Follow up emails/letters/phone scripts designed to increase your close ratio. Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already been done for you?
11 HSA Consumer Education Reports leads your prospects to buy from YOU. These reports are excellent for trickle marketing to your prospects who are not yet ready to make a buying decision.
34 Basic HSA Questions - this attractive handout addresses your prospects main concerns and was created from the most frequently asked consumer questions about HSAs.
Attractive Personalized HSA Brochure is perfect for a quick leave behind handout. Yes, the carriers have these too, but this one comes with your own contact information already attached.
Valuable Tips and Advice on how to buy good qualified leads on the internet. What questions you should be asking and what to watch out for before spending one dime.
Proven, professionally written power scripts that dramatically increase your close ratio over the phone. Includes complete answers for all possible objections that your prospects could come up with. These scripts will provide you with a huge, immediate impact on your business. Workshops to high level businesses on how to implement these scripts have resulted in rapid, exponential growth within days. These workshops are typically $795.
Easy To Use HSA Savings Calculator – This simple to use excel spreadsheet allows you to quickly and easily plug in your prospects numbers to show them the value of their HDHP/HSA.
Ad Evaluation Worksheet -Stop Making Stupid Ad Mistakes Now! We’re including our own personal 30 point checklist that's been honed over years of experience on thousands of ads. You can use it to critique and improve your own ads. Save thousands of dollars in wasted advertising...professionally critique your ads before they go out.


We see it this way...

   Our Job: To make it easy for you through HSA Success to get qualified prospects to raise their hand and ask for health insurance quotes.
  Your Job: To provide them with the best quote for their situation and close the sale.


All of the HSA Success marketing materials are available to you in
an online format through the HSA Success Media Center.

Your personalized contact information will automatically be included on all your marketing materials via the information you share when you place your order.


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"I Want to Express My Extreme Satisfaction"

I just had to take some time to let you know I received your HSA Success™ Marketing System for selling HSA’s and have used your ads. The results are amazing!

In just three weeks I have shown your PowerPointŪ presentation three times to a total of 67 people. 34 of these have requested an HSA quote. It seems like with the system you have produced, fewer people turn me down.

Now referrals are starting to kick in and people are actually calling me for appointments and quotes. When you told me this would make me the expert for HSA information, I didn’t believe it. I do now.

Sincerely, J. Williams, MN

"I'd recommend this marketing system to anyone..."

I was one of the first agents to purchase the HSA Success™ Marketing System in October of 2004 and have used it many times to present and close HSA prospects.

You HSA Success guys should be proud of what you have done for health care professionals. I’d recommend this marketing system to anyone that’s serious about selling consumer driven health care products.

Thanks HSA Success!”  - G. Crystal, CA


Shhh....Here's The Secret To Winning!

The secret to winning during any economy is knowing how to search out your best prospects and compel them to buy from!

With HSA Success, you'll use smart marketing techniques that will make your prospects stand up and ask you for information about "what" to buy, not "if" they should buy.


Knowledge is Power

Multiple educational pieces are included within the HSA Success materials for you to give to your HSA prospects. They will help you educate your prospects to come to the conclusion;

“They would have to be an absolute fool
NOT to buy a health insurance policy from You!”

Yes! I'm Ready To Order!


"Dear Fellow Agent..."

Dear Fellow Agent,
If you’re like me all you want is something that brings in real leads, the on-slaught of marketing “programs" that don't work is annoying! Yes, real opportunities are out there but come on, how are we as agents expected to cut through the clutter and figure out what’s real and what’s hyped up bull crap?

Some things work, most don’t! This is why I have written this note. I finally found something that has put numerous HSA policies on the books for me with more pending approval.

The “system” is this simple: I send out a flyer to 10 different companies on a Friday. I then follow up with a script on Monday and Tuesday to set up an appointment. (I had 5 out of 10 grant me an appointment when I sent out the flyers). At the meeting I use the PowerPoint presentation and education materials provided and follow up with a quote to all participants (there’s even this really cool Calculator spreadsheet included in the system that I use to show people exactly how much they save).

My last meeting I presented to 12 people at an office in Maple Grove, MN. Of the 12 participants at my presentation, 10 asked for my scripted 10 minute HSA quote over the phone. Of the 10 people I quoted, 6 HSA’s policies were put on the books! If you get a close ratio like that with your current system delete this now!

O.K., why am I really sharing this? I do not work for the company that put this program together and I do not get paid for endorsing this system. I’m sharing this with you because I know this program works to write more HSA policies. I have people actually call me now! And since I’m only licensed in MN and I truly feel by writing more HSA policies I’m helping people, I wanted to share my luck in finding this system. If you feel the same way there are literally thousands of people out there you can honestly help by showing them how to save lots of money on their current health care situation.

Thanks for reading this.  Sincerely,  JW, MN


We're sure you'll agree, consumer driven health care products are the best door opener for Health Benefits Specialists in 40 years.

You’ll not only sell more HSA qualified health insurance but more health insurance period.


From the US Treasury Dept:

500,000+ HDHP/HSAs Purchased In 2004
1,000,000+ HDHP/HSAs Purchased In 2005
3,000,000+ HDHP/HSAs Purchased In 2006
6,000,000+ HDHP/HSAs Purchased in 2007
10,000,000 HDHP/HSAs *Projected* In 2008

HDHP/HSAs Really Do Allow You To Open The Door To More Sales!

How Many New Dollars Do You Want?

O.K. Get Me Started!

I like your system. I think it is great for agents that need to get started calling customers. I had nine meetings this week between individuals and business. Next week I am doing a presentation at a realtor’s office for all their agents.
Your system gets insurance agents working in the right direction.

M. Dietz, WI

Yes, I would be interested in the newsletters. I mailed out the Treasury Q&A to some of my current HSA clients and prospects and had good response already.

Thank you, P. J. Hecomovich, CO

Your material is great, and your support is superb. Thank you so much for helping the health insurance industry with your HSA Marketing System.


I haven’t utilized the entire HSA Success Marketing System yet but when I ordered it I had a problem getting it to work on my computer. I emailed them and got a response in less than an hour. One of their competent computer people called me right back and immediately fixed my problem. I only wish other marketing support providers were as responsive. Thank you HSA Success.

C. Owen, President, OR

The HSA Success Marketing System is definitely worth getting. They have valuable marketing ideas. Simple, yet effective. The program is priced right. We are working on the physician market right now and getting good results.

I highly recommend it!    J Maher, CA


Marketing Does Three Things

1. Capture the attention of your target market.
2. Give the prospect hope that by reading on he will be provided with enough educational information to facilitate his buying decision. In other words; train and teach them how to make the best available buying decision.
3. To lower the risks of taking the next step in the buying process. The result of effective marketing that accomplishes these objectives should cause your prospects to draw the conclusion, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but You!”

This Is What The HSA Success Marketing Materials Do For YOU!


Last week I ordered your HSA Marketing System and it looks really awesome. I’ve been out on my own (no longer working for an agency) for the last couple of years and have had problems with how to attract new prospects. I think your system will be the “kick in the pants” that I have been looking for. I have been trying to soak up as much info as possible on the whole HSA concept.

R. Wise - Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I love the HSA Success marketing program. I have used it for several years now, and it always gives me everything I need to use. I have often used the initial letters as a first send out to potential clients. It gets their attention right away and makes my phone ring with people who have questions. The booklet on the 34 questions is a must have for me. I send them out, I e mail them out and I bring them with me. I have a large group (several hundred people) who are putting in a program. They want me to do the seminars for them and the booklet and Power Point were the deal clinchers. The material is top notch, and clients love it. I love that it is always updated each year, and I don't have to figure all that out.

I also appreciate how willing everyone is to work with me. Any questions are always answered immediately, and issues (like change of address or phone number) are fixed right away, also. I have yet to call and not get a person on the other end of the phone; no answering machines and long waits to get help.

All in all, you are awesome and so is your product!

Thanks, L. Mackey - GA


Why do some people seem to magically attract new business while others face rejection after rejection?
What enables some businesses to build an enviable reputation without ever spending a penny on advertising; while others do everything they can but still get lost in the clutter?
Why do some people achieve great results even though they never seem to be busy, while others run themselves ragged never to achieve what might have been?

The answer is...

They Follow A System!

Can you really find a way to do less work and get more success?
The answer is YES...Order HSA Success Today!



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Just think…your $399.00 investment breakeven point for this system
is met by writing only one new policy!

HSA Success Your Investment Buy Now!
HSA Success Marketing Materials
(HSA Success Media Center 12 month subscription)
HSA Success Multi-User License
(For multiple agents within one office, must purchase your first HSA Success subscription for $399.00)

HSA Success Product Description

HSA Success Marketing Materials (One Year Subscription)
Includes all materials mentioned in "What You Get" above, the Online Health Insurance Sales System and your first year subscription to the HSA Success Media Center.

HSA Success Multi-User License (One Year Subscription)
When there's more than one agent in your office who wants to use the system, you are required to purchase a HSA Success Multi-User License for each agent.

HSA Success Media Center Renewal Fee
Once you purchase the HSA Success Marketing Materials and first year subscription to the HSA Success Media Center for $399.00 or the Multi-User License for $249.00, subsequent yearly updates to the HSA Success materials and subscription to the media center is only $249.00/yr.

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